• In Archiarchy are many Gameworlds unfolding


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    Have you ever cooked a pot of soup with a match? Changed a car engine with a fork? Ever thought you were being clear when communicating only to discover the other person heard something different? Are you ready to respond rather than impulsively react, transform communication challenges and communicate with clarity?


    Despite our best intentions, old patterns and communication styles can create insurmountable gaps. Building Communication Bridges – Inside and Out is a multi-day workshop designed to explore new ways of communicating and connecting with ourselves and others.

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    Radically Alive Women is a Gameworld sourced and co-created by Women who are reclaiming their authentic, radically-responsible aliveness.

    Born from necessity, called forth by the conscious Rage of Women, this context sends radicles deep into Gaia, weaving together a strong mycelium network of Women’s collaboration. We are sourcing from that which is coming to life through Women as they
    learn to sensitize themselves into their innate wisdom.

    This is an invitation to play full out with other Women: to create and inhabit next culture, a regenerative culture, with the innate wisdom that you bring through your Being.

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    Many of you Men are working to heal and step into responsibility on a personal level and beyond.

    The only problem is that you are probably looking for answers within a culture that is at its foundations unsustainable, oriented toward un-ending growth, scarcity and competition.

    What if you stopped fighting against or fitting in with modern culture, and started over in a completely new territory?

    Dismantling the conditioning you received in Patriarchy about what a man is, what a man should be, and how a man should interact in the world is a ground-breaking experience. You have the possibility of standing in reality and looking about you at what is possible.

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    Embodied Freedom is a movement of people reclaiming and remembering community. Building a culture of playful, awake and responsible adults, by creating awareness emotionally, mentally, energetically, physically. Adults that connect to their feelings and take care of themselves and others by upskilling their communication and authentic expression.

    Embodied Freedom offers Workshops, Trainings and Coaching rooted and empowered by the context of Possibility Management, Conscious Embodiment & Open Floor Movement Practice.